Ways To Deal With Urinary Leakage

Millions of people around the world experience urinary leakage at some point or another. Also called incontinence, this is not a disorder in itself but rather a symptom of something else. The cause is often benign in nature and easily remedied but it is best to see a doctor to make sure, as there are rare conditions that cause incontinence that may be serious. While incontinence is a problem that affects more women than men, both genders can suffer from this problem. First, let's look at the leakage of urine in females and why it may occur.

Women have a much shorter urethra than men. There are many reasons they may experience incontinence. Urinary infections are a common cause. Urinary infections are also far more common in women than in men, because of the shorter urethra which makes it easier for bacteria to reach the bladder. In addition to incontinence, urinary infections can cause pain, frequent urination, blood in the urine and mild fever. It is necessary to see your doctor for treatment (usually antibiotics) if you suspect a urinary infection. Women may also suffer from leakage due to weak bladder muscles or muscle spasms, which can be corrected with methods like exercises and medications.

As mentioned before, men are less likely to experience incontinence but it does happen. In some cases, nerve damage is the cause. Men who have suffered from diabetes for a long time may develop damage to the nerves. An enlarged prostate may also be to blame for male incontinence. Another cause is radiation therapy for prostate cancer. Weakness or dysfunction of the sphincter muscle may also be to blame. Because there are so many different causes, it is crucial to see your doctor for an examination and diagnosis.

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Whether you are male or female, there are certain tests that will be performed to pinpoint the cause of your urinary leakage. Your doctor may ask you to keep a diary of when you go to the bathroom, and provide you with a measuring device so you can keep track of urine output. Other tests, such as an ultrasound or cystoscope, may also be done if the doctor feels he or she needs a look inside your bladder. There are medications, exercises and surgical procedures that can be done to fix urinary incontinence in men and women. The right treatment for you depends on the cause of the problem.

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