Common Symptoms Of Bladder Problems

If you are experiencing bladder problems there are some common symptoms that should be immediately recognizable. Symptoms of bladder problems include the urge to urinate frequently, often 8 or more times daily. For many people with this problem the urge hits overnight, often 2 or 3 times causing them to get out of bed and go to the bathroom. There's no doubt that frequent urination can be a major inconvenience and have an effect on your quality of life. Other than feeling the urge to urinate frequently, there are other overactive bladder symptoms to look for.

There may be a burning sensation during or after urination. Also, when you do urinate, it may only be a trickle rather than a steady flow. And directly afterwards, you may feel an urge to urinate more but are unable to do so. Incontinence is a common symptom. This means you cannot control bladder function. Usually people who suffer from incontinence as part of overactive bladder find that urine may trickle out uncontrollably when they are physically active, cough, sneeze or even laugh. If any of these symptoms match yours, see your doctor who may evaluate you in his or her office or send you to a specialist.

Make sure you thoroughly describe your symptoms of overactive bladder to your doctor so an accurate picture of the problem can be determined. Most likely you will be asked to measure frequency and output of urine using a plastic cover that fits over your toilet seat and catches urine, with measurement marks on the side. Each time you urinate, write down the amount as well as the time. You will probably be asked to do this for 24 hours. If the results are indicative of overactive bladder, it is possible more tests may be performed.

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After discussing the symptoms of bladder problems you are experiencing and performing any necessary tests, your doctor will reach a diagnosis based on examination and test results. There are a variety of treatments, the right treatment for you depends on the cause. For stress incontinence, antidepressants may be prescribed. For bladder muscle dysfunction, urinary antispasmodics may be used. In cases of bladder stones or tumors, surgery might be required. Mild cases may only require simple exercises done at home and behavior modification therapy which helps the patient gain control over the bladder and increases the time between bathroom visits.

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