A Guide To Overactive Bladder

The problem of overactive bladder is more common than you might think and affects men and women of all ages. This issue is related to the storage of urine in the bladder, and manifests via a number of symptoms. One of the most common symptoms is a frequent need to urinate. This urge can be so strong that incontinence, or lack of bladder control, may result. The incontinence may be a small trickle or urine or a more substantial amount. Hyperactive bladder is inconvenient to say the least, as those who suffer from it may feel the need to go to the bathroom frequently which may disrupt their everyday activities.

If you suffer from this condition, you may not only have the urge to urinate frequently and suffer from incontinence during the day, but overnight as well. Some people with hyperactive bladder get up more than twice every night to go to the bathroom. In all, this condition can be defined by the need to urinate at least eight times in a 24 hour period. While it's true the need to urinate more frequently and the loss of bladder control can be a part of the aging process, it is important to speak to your doctor because the symptoms you are experiencing may not be normal. They may be part of a larger problem. Even if there is no additional medical issue, frequent urination and incontinence can often be successfully treated.

There are a variety of ways urinary incontinence and frequent urination can be treated. The first step is to see your doctor, who may diagnose and treat the problem themselves or refer you to a specialist in the field. Often your doctor will have you measure and document urinary output at home over a 24-hour period. This gives them an accurate picture of what is going on. Other tests, like measuring bladder pressure and function, may be performed. In some cases imaging tests will be done so the doctor can actually see the bladder. If tumors or stones are suspected, a view from inside the bladder using a cystoscope may be ordered.

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Treatment for overactive bladder can include medication, exercises, lifestyle changes and in severe cases, surgery. Usually medications prescribed for this condition relax the muscles of the bladder. Exercises are recommended to help increase control of bladder muscles and train both the brain and the bladder how to go for longer durations of time without urination. Limiting of fluid intake after a certain time of day may help nocturia, or frequent urination that occurs overnight.

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