Male Urinary Problem Causes And Treatments

Bladder infections, overactive bladder and urinary tract problems are fairly common in women, and less so in men. However, there are male urinary problem causes that may need to be explored if you are a man suffering from a urinary issue. It is important to seek treatment for any kind of bladder or incontinence issue, something many men find emasculating or uncomfortable. In general men are less likely to go to the doctor for any condition, although in the case of male urinary problems it is very important for them to do so. Diagnosis and treatment must be performed by a medical professional in order to correct the problem and prevent dangerous complications.

The male urethra is longer than the female urethra, which is why so many more women experience urinary problems. This is also a reason why men should seek medical treatment immediately if such problems occur, because they are relatively uncommon. There are causes of incontinence in males that include side effects from prostate cancer treatment or removal of the prostate. The sphincter may be injured because of prostate cancer treatment or removal which is a direct cause of male urinary problems.

There are other causes of male urinary problems as well, including enlargement of the prostate that is not malignant in nature. The symptoms of this condition include the urge to urinate frequently, trickling of urine when using the restroom, and the urge to urinate several times overnight. Incontinence, or lack of bladder control, may also be a symptom. There are other causes of overactive bladder and incontinence in males, which is why a professional diagnosis is so important. Without determining the cause the condition cannot be properly treated.

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If you suspect a male urinary problem, it may help to take notes regarding the symptoms you are experiencing in case you forget to tell your doctor everything. He or she may have you measure your urine frequency and output over a 24-hour period. Imaging tests such as ultrasound or cystoscopy may be performed so the doctor or urologist can get a clear look at the bladder to check for stones or tumors. A prostate examination is also par for the course when it comes to diagnosing male urinary problems. Treatment may include lifestyle changes, medication and in some cases, surgery.

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