Discovering The Cause Of Frequent Urination

Overactive bladder is the need to urinate more than 8 times in a 24 hour period. Often this urge strikes at least twice overnight, and frequently throughout the day. Sometimes there is only a slight trickle of urine that is produced, even after a strong urge to go. Incontinence, or lack of urinary control, may accompany this condition. There are numerous causes of frequent urination, and it is important to see your doctor in order to find out what is causing your overactive bladder issues. Causes of overactive bladder can be determined after a battery of medical tests.

The tests to discover overactive bladder causes range from those you do at home to specialized tests done in a hospital or doctor's office. One test is to measure the output of urine over a 24-hour period. Your doctor will give you a plastic catching device that fits over your toilet seat in which to urinate. There are measurement markings so you can write down how much urine is produced each time. Also, you will likely be asked to write down the time of day or night urination occurs. This gives your doctor a record of your urinary habits so he or she can reach the most thorough and accurate diagnosis possible.

Other tests that may be done in a doctor's office include imaging tests like MRIs or ultrasounds to determine if there are bladder stones or a tumor causing the problem. There are tests to determine bladder control, pressure and function. Your doctor can even get a look from inside, using a tiny camera lens on a very thin tube that is inserted through the urethra into the bladder. The goal with these tests is to determine whether the cause is something simple such as muscle spasms or weakness, or something more serious that may require surgery to correct. For example, as mentioned earlier occasionally the problem may be a tumor in the bladder, this would be something that would most likely require surgical intervention.

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Sometimes, the cause of frequent urination in men can be different from the cause of frequent urination in women. Males may suffer from weakness of the sphincter muscle or lack of sphincter muscle control which leads to incontinence. Although urinary incontinence affects more females than males, it is still a problem many men suffer from. The first step for anyone dealing with overactive bladder is to see a doctor for a diagnosis followed by the appropriate recommended treatment.

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