Bladder Problems In Women: Causes And Solutions

Women are far more likely to experience urinary issues than men. One reason bladder problems in women are so prevalent is because women have a shorter urethra, which is a thin tube leading to the bladder through which urine travels. It is easy for bacteria to reach the bladder because of the length of the urethra. Many issues with the bladder stem from urinary tract infections, or UTIs. These infections are easy to recognize because they are extremely uncomfortable and have noticeable symptoms.

Symptoms of a urinary tract infection include burning when urinating, frequent urination, voiding only a trickle of urine rather than a stream, blood in the urine, low grade fever and pain in the lower abdomen. Sometimes the pain in the urinary tract is prevalent even when not urinating, and is usually uncomfortable enough to send most women straight to the doctor. A simple urinalysis is all that is required to diagnose a UTI. Because bacteria is usually the cause, antibiotics are prescribed to clear up the condition. Your doctor may recommend that you take probiotics or consume yogurt while taking the antibiotics as some of these medications can occasionally cause yeast infections. This is because friendly bacteria is killed along with the bacteria causing the infection.

Another cause of urinary problems is overactive bladder. This is sometimes caused by stress or anxiety, when the brain tells the body that it needs to urinate frequently. Other times, the cause is related to weak or spasmodic bladder muscles. There are medications and exercises that can treat overactive bladder. The first thing to do is measure your urine output and how many times you are going, which your doctor will help you with. Based on the data you provide, more tests may be performed. Commonly prescribed drugs for overactive bladder include antidepressants that regulate the transmitters in the brain, and urinary antispasmodics which relax the muscles of the bladder. Other treatments include biofeedback, behavioral therapy, lifestyle modification and sometimes surgery depending on the cause.

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Bladder problems in women are quite common, it is estimated that at least 20 percent of all women will have a urinary infection at some point during their lives. And overactive bladder affects millions of women around the world. Rather than dealing with a decreased quality of life, see your doctor right away so you can remedy the problem. There are so many treatment options available for urinary problems that no one has to live with incontinence or frequent urination.

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