Categories Of Bladder Medication

There are a variety of issues that affect the bladder, which is the organ that stores urine. A problem that affects millions of people is overactive bladder. This is the urge to urinate frequently, often more than 8 times over 24 hours. You may find that you have to stop to go to the bathroom at the most inconvenient times, such as during work or on social outings. This can lower your quality of life but luckily is curable. The first step is determining the cause, after that the right treatment such as bladder medication can be prescribed if necessary.

There are different types of medications your doctor may recommend based on the cause of your urinary issues. For example, in some cases frequent urination and/or incontinence is caused by issues in the brain related to the nervous system. Certain antidepressants can affect receptors in the brain that tell the body it needs to urinate. When combined with exercises (such as Kegel exercises) and behavior modification therapy, these drugs can work well. They include serotonin norepinephrine reputake inhibitors (SNRIs) like Effexor and tricyclic antidepressants like Elavil. Your doctor will determine which type is right for you.

Other drugs are classified as antispasmodics and are the most common types of medicines for bladder issues. These drugs relax the bladder muscles so you urinate when it is necessary rather than having the need to urinate small amounts frequently due to spasmodic bladder muscles. Examples of these drugs include Flomax, Detrol, Levitra, Enablex and Toviaz to name a handful. Once again, your doctor will determine which drug is best for you based on your medical evaluation and diagnosis. Some of these drugs are for men with prostate issues, others are for both men and women with overactive bladder and/or incontinence.

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If you are interested in alternative remedies as opposed to prescription bladder medication, you may want to investigate herbs. There are certain herbs and botanicals that may help bladder problems. Pumpkin is thought to be beneficial for both male prostate and female bladder health. Saw palmetto is another herb that is touted for its beneficial effects but is recommended for men more than women because it may affect female hormones. Cleavers is an herb that is also recommended for its anti-inflammatory purposes. Minerals like zinc and magnesium may also be helpful, but before using any type of herb or supplement get the approval from your physician.

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